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Operation IC
- From EG Robotics
Learn to use different Integrated Circuits to build your own line-following robot. Build your own unique chassis, calibrate your sensors and test it out on the track! Learn how traction, weight distribution, friction can impact your robot and figure out how to become the fastest line racer! This course is open to new students.
Grades: 3 - 5
Start Time: 3:15 pm
Duration: 120 Minutes
Fri, Mar 2nd
Fri, Mar 16th
Fri, Mar 23rd
Fri, May 4th
Fri, May 11th
Fri, May 25th
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Foreign Languages After School Classes
Kids Like Language classes introduce students to foreign languages, improve their language skills, develop an appreciation of other cultures, and begin to prepare students for the foreign language requirement at graduation. Our curriculum fulfills students’ needs and responds to parents’ requests. Some of our languages are Spanish, French, Mandarin, Japanese, Sign Language, German, Among others. Check our schools at https://www.kidslikelanguages.com/collections
Grades: K - 5
Start Time: 3:10 pm
Duration: 50 Minutes
Mon, Oct 22nd
Mon, Oct 29th
Mon, Nov 5th
Mon, Nov 19th
Mon, Nov 26th
Mon, Dec 3rd
Mon, Dec 10th
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