Parent Flyer Survey

Parent After School Flyer Survey
The district has made the decision to stop all forms of communication from after school providers to parents via the school system. This will cause some after school providers to go out of business and for others will raise the costs of the programs for parents. We want to know what you think!
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Were you aware that on March 1st PPS will no longer allow after school providers to communicate with parents through the school system in any form (digital or paper)? *
How important are after school programs to you? *
How would you like to hear about after school programs at your school? *
Optional: PPS says there are more after school programs at higher socioeconomic schools so they have decided to no longer be a tool to continue this pattern by stopping all communication between parents and after school providers via the school system. Do you agree with their solution to making things more equitable?
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Optional: Should flyers be translated into other languages?
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Optional: Please type your email address below if you would like to continue hearing about a solution that works for all.
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Optional: Would you be willing to voice your opinion to help after school providers find a solution that works for all parties?
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