Solution #1: Same activity name for different grade ranges

As detailed in my previous post, the inability to create activities with the same name is not a bug. Rather, it is a useful rule which helps avoid confusion. However, it has come to my attention that it may be common practice, for whatever reason, to offer activities at different schools with different grade range restrictions.

At first, I thought this would be due to the particular grade range that a given school serves. As such, I built into the listing for each school that only the overlap between the activity grade range and the school grade range will be shown. Multiple providers, however, have expressed the need for grade range restrictions on a subset of the schools they serve, which do not relate to the grade range of the given schools. As I stated in my previous post, the best way to achieve this, is to create multiple activities with the grade range in their names.

Given that is my recommended solution, I have built it into the system. If a provider attempts to save an activity with a name that matches a pre-existing activity, and a grade range that differs, the new activity will automatically have its grade range appended to its name. I’m calling this a “solution” rather than a “bugfix” because it helps solve a problem in how we use the system rather than a problem with how the system works.