Service Cost

Currently it is free to post listings on PDX After School. When we originally conceived of this project with a few other after-school providers in Portland, it was accepted that the service would have to cost something in order to support itself. I realize that more providers than the original group have joined the site, and may not know that this will eventually become a paid service.

I would love to provide this as a free service, because I’m passionate about this project, but there are more costs involved than my labor. It costs money to operate a web service and it costs even more money to advertise a web service. My employers at To Every Kid have generously allowed me to spend some of my workday on developing this site, but my labor needs to result in some income for the company as well.

As such, we have discussed the price of $5.00 per listing, (listing = one activity at one school). With PeachJar, an equivalent listing costs $25.00. Unlike PeachJar, we won’t be gouging some providers and cutting deals for others.

I believe we can build this platform into something infinitely more valuable than PeachJar. The key advantage of this platform is that it will be 100% driven by what parents of after-school students want. While engineering PDX After School, I wanted to make it easy to:

  • Know what programs are at your school.
  • Know what fits your schedule.
  • Know whether children of your student’s grade can participate.
  • Compare information in one format.
  • Opt into receiving notifications.
  • Choose not to receive notifications without completely losing the ability to see what is happening at your school.

What do you think? Is this worth $5 per listing? Is there a specific feature that would convince you?