Feedback #2: Internet Explorer

Today I received feedback that some of the postings were appearing to overlap each other, creating a jumble of text, in the latest version of Internet Explorer 11.

Because I have ready access to IE11, and because the fix was trivial and could be applied without affecting any other browsers, I have fixed this particular rendering issue.

However, as fewer than 3% of users worldwide use Internet Explorer, and the number continues to decrease, my preferred solution would be to encourage users to make the switch to a browser that is compatible with modern internet technologies. On Windows 10, simply use Edge instead. Microsoft is no longer developing Internet Explorer. IE is only included with Windows 10 for legacy reasons. On other computers, use Chrome, FireFox, or Safari. I understand there may be some workplace computers that are restrained to using Internet Explorer. In this case, I would recommend using a mobile device to view PDX After School. IE11 was released 4-5 years ago. By contrast, Edge had a major release six months ago, and Firefox and Chrome both had major version releases last week.

If you are in the habit of using Internet Explorer, this is not the only website you will experience issues with. It takes a lot of time and effort to support an extremely outdated browser, so fewer and fewer websites will continue to do so. The internet and related technologies continue to evolve to provide better and better user experiences, but Internet Explorer will not.

Thanks for the feedback! I hope this helps.