Feedback #1: Duplicate Activities, URLs, and Gallery Photos

Here are some of the things I have received feedback on:

Problem: Unable to add an activity with the same name for a different grade range.
Solution: Name your activity something like “Example Activity (grades 3-5)”
Explanation: I have placed a limit that ensures an activity cannot be posted twice at the same school. This helps ensure that a glitch doesn’t accidentally fill a school’s listing page with many duplicates of the same activity. There is also a limit that disallows a provider from having multiple activities with the same name. This helps avoid confusion and accidents as well. I think it’s clearest to name your activities differently so that parents can easily identify the difference.

Problem: I’m getting an error about an incorrectly typed web page.

  1. Web page URLs are deceptive. I might think that my web page URL is ‘’ because if I type that into a web browser I will reach my web page, but in fact my browser is very good at guessing my web page’s actual URL, so it seamlessly converts to ‘’ and I’m none-the-wiser. If I visit my web page and wait for it to load completely, then I can copy the entire contents of the address bar to get my actual URL.¬†Try doing that when you are entering web page addresses on PDX After School.
  2. Another possibility is that the web page is not reachable¬†by everyone. The URL of my Gmail inbox is “”. But you can’t reach it without logging in using my credentials. Browsers use cookies to store extra information that is not present in the URL. If someone without your stored cookies tries to visit a page that requires them, it will fail. Make sure that the URL you are posting on PDX After School is reachable by anyone, then make sure it is a full URL (full web page URLs always start with ‘http’).

If you’re sure: If you’re sure your URL is complete and accessible, send it to me through the contact form, and I will test it so I can find the bug you are experiencing.

Problem: When I upload gallery photos they look strange, they don’t show up in my listings, and I can’t delete them.
Planned Solution: The gallery feature is something I am planning. I added the ability to upload gallery photos from the outset so It will be less hassle to implement the remaining parts of the feature. For now, sit tight. I will add the ability to delete your gallery photos, and the ability for users to browse through them on your listings. The images will appear in a stylish, animated image slider both in your profile and in your listings.