Bringing Portland Parents and After School Providers Together Through PDX After School

PDX After School is working hard to provide the best and only place to find all after school activities for your kids at your specific school. We hope to ease the headache of searching for activities and also give you a chance to see opportunities you might not normally think of for your kids!

We are implementing much needed improvements to PDX After School to better serve you and our after school providers. We think after school education is essential in providing a well-rounded education for your kids! There is only so much time in the school day and a narrow focus of learning. We hope you can find opportunities for your kids to learn how to make robots, program, play a sport, paint something, improve those acting skills, and learn an instrument and so much more!

Let us help you find a great hobby for your kid! We don’t have an expertise in everything or maybe it’s that we just don’t have the time to teach our kids these fun and exciting skills! We know that kids learn so well through hands-on, experience-based projects that after school providers can offer to your kids. The providers are constraint to the 1 teacher to 30 kids or making sure they pass all the tests, but instead offer learning in so many different ways that might just mesh with your kids’ learning styles.

Please give PDX After School a chance to introduce an awesome experience to your student this year in something they love or in something they don’t know they love yet! 😉